A trusted source of sustainable seafood

We are committed to providing our customers with sustainable, renewable, and traceable sources of seafood.

Our commitment to responsible fishing and farming

We are dedicated to incorporating sustainability in all aspects of our business. Our sustainability guidelines work to protect our oceans and ensure sustainably sourced seafood for our customers. 

Sustainable seafood means fish, shellfish, and other products that are caught or farmed in ways that consider the long-term viability of harvested populations as well as the ocean’s health and ecological integrity. 

  • We engage our suppliers in open conversation, and through education, exploring ways to maintain and develop sustainable harvesting techniques for both wild-caught and farm-raised products.
  • Our close relationships with suppliers ensure the traceability of products from harvest to point of sale.
  • We frequently travel to visit suppliers in person to assess their operations and ensure they comply with our objectives.
  • All of our products have been legally obtained and processed under the guidelines of both the country of origin and the laws of the United States of America.
  • We promote a healthy environment by not purchasing products that have been harvested by destructive means or that have been subjected to outside chemical contaminants. We work to educate our suppliers, employees, partners, and customers around the need for a sustainable source of product.
  • We support environmentally responsible seafood choices through procurement decisions, avoiding species that are considered endangered or that are harvested in a non-sustainable manner.
  • As a partner of many innovative, BAP certified suppliers, we support free and fair global trade within the seafood industry.

Protecting workers is imperative

As a family-owned company, we want everyone we do business with to be treated with the same respect we give our employees. Our ethical business practices hold our suppliers and ourselves to account.

We are dedicated to maintaining the highest degree of integrity in our business in addition to supporting all existing laws in both the United States and the countries with which we do business.

  • We require that our suppliers comply with all local laws in jurisdictions where they transact business. This includes, but is not limited to, not engaging in human trafficking or slavery.
  • We do not intentionally pursue business relationships or purchase products from facilities that are known to not comply with local laws.
  • Swift investigation and action would result if accusations are made against any company with which we do business.
  • We have zero tolerance for labor abuses.
  • We readily encourage our suppliers to be proactive in applying fair labor practices throughout their workforce and that of their suppliers.
  • We undertake and review third party audits to determine labor compliance as part of our normal business practices.