Our Company

We offer over 50 years of expertise with imported and domestic seafood products. Under the leadership of its founder Gershon J. Feigon, creator of the brand, Central Seaway has been a pioneer in developing new sources all over the world.

As the buying and selling agent for Censea, Inc., Central Seaway annually imports more than $200 million of quality seafood from more than 30 countries. Our buyers regularly visit seafood producers throughout the world. This personal contact has earned us the trust of seafood suppliers and enables us to deliver quality seafood products to our customers.

Our two main brands, CENSEA and A-PAC, are known to retail and commercial buyers throughout the United States. Central Seaway has specialists in every area of the seafood industry ready to move products from all over the world to our customers' doors. We're here to answer your questions and supply you with all your seafood needs.